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Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted - I’m sorry! I promise to take care of this blog better, this blog was what got me through homesickness after all and it’s always fun to share Indonesian travel stories!

Happy 69th Independence Day, Indonesia! You continue to amaze and inspire me with your interesting intricacies and I’ve learned something new every day since moving back home. There’s been a lot of ups and downs since moving back but it’s been a thrilling roller coaster ride. Proud to be an Indonesian, always.


Proud Indonesian


What do you like most about living/being in Indonesia?

Wishing a Happy Idul Fitri to all who celebrate!

Wanted to share with you my article on safe travels during mudik, which was published in the Jakarta Globe. Mudik is a unique annual tradition in Indonesia, where millions travel back to their hometowns ahead of the Idul Fitri celebration.

Cheers! Have a safe, happy travel. I’ll be in China for the holiday.
-Proud Indonesian

Excited to finally complete my diving certification and try out these new googles this weekend! I’ll be going underwater at the Thousand Islands, which is conveniently just an hour boat ride from Jakarta. Looking forward to make some new friends under the sea and recharge from the busy city life. Where is your favorite place to go diving in Indonesia?

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